“There is a kind of day that is very grey or brown . . . it is a mood or tone I often feel on a dreary day, waiting for a taxi before it rains or going to some kind of daily routine . . . It’s the experience of being on the street in open space, or just inside ourselves. What do we feel, what do we choose to notice and sense on a given day? It’s about the internal and external landscape of the place as I experience it.”

From "Taking note", by Nicholas Laughlin, in the August 2006 Caribbean Review of Books

Monday, May 14, 2007

looking-in sequence

looking sequence

I keep hearing this voice saying “...excuse me - do not let me prevent you from swallowing…” I feel that higher walls and tighter enclosures are really a reflection of a kind of guilt and or social aggression. Perhaps some people have given in or up - they just want to hide and have their pleasures and or privileges? Maybe they cannot help themselves but to have these things and they now see politics as about putting measures in place to protect and preserve the privilege of having…having even minor little things? The phrase "emerging head" sounds so 70's but I like it this "head" that pops up in my work all the time. It suggests being submereged in water or being behind a wall looking in. I think it also reminds me of the way bandits in cowboy movies covered their faces or some of today's revolutionary figures.