“There is a kind of day that is very grey or brown . . . it is a mood or tone I often feel on a dreary day, waiting for a taxi before it rains or going to some kind of daily routine . . . It’s the experience of being on the street in open space, or just inside ourselves. What do we feel, what do we choose to notice and sense on a given day? It’s about the internal and external landscape of the place as I experience it.”

From "Taking note", by Nicholas Laughlin, in the August 2006 Caribbean Review of Books

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

little gestures

camouflage bench

I have been wondering about these little daily gestures and their meaning. I am drawing many little benches over and over. I may be creating another procession or grouping. Each has a name. This one is "camouflage bench." Another one, with guitars, I have called "lyrical bench." How radical are small modest daily gestures. For now they seem to suggest ways to make sense of the world by making things? I like something about the direct or blunt fact-ness of the bench image.
it is a cut-out not an image resting in a space as defined by the paper it is drawn upon....it can then sit or be placed anywhere as a sign.

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